Congratulations! to all the Winners, First & Second Runners up.

Every participant esp in Drawing & Fancy Dress, had put their best with their creative ideas, which is commendable. Selecting final 3 entries was certainly very tough task.

Those who don’t see themselves in the list below shouldn’t feel let down. In fact, you should take this positively and try to give an extra effort to make it to the final list whenever you participate in such event in future. We wish you Best of Luck.

We highly appreciate the overwhelming response from the schools for participating in these events and making it a huge success.

Finally, under mentioned as the final results for the “Kaun Banega Traffic Start” competitions held in Children’s Traffic Park on 1st January 2013 as a part of “Road Safety Week 2013

Drawing Competition:

Group 1 (std 1st to std 4th):

  1. Khumawala Anas (St Kabir School)
  2. Ansari Munazza (Delhi Public School )
  3. Sachaniya Divya (Gyan Yagn School)

Group 2 (std 5th to std 8th):

  1. Shaikh Hammad (Anjuman-e-Islam School)
  2. Saiyed Nehal (St Xaviers School)
  3. Ansari Gulfashan (Delhi Public School)
    Panchal Hiteshri (Doon International)

Group 3 (std 9th to std 12th):

  1. Solanki Kajal (Jivkor Vanita Vishram)
  2. Setal Jayantibhai (G C Girls High School)
    Pathan Asma (F D High School, Dariyapur)
  3. Shaikh Aasiya (Anjuman-e-Islam School)


G.K. Quiz (written):

  1. Saiyed Faizan (F D Hamidiya High School, Dariyapur)
  2. Nagar Rishabh (R R Tiwari City High School)
  3. Bahir Akshar (M S M High School)


Fancy Dress Competition:

Group 1 (Primary):

  1. Mansuri Aman (Anjuman-e-Islam School) – Vegetable Vendor
  2. Barot Megha (Jyoti Kanya) – Marathi Girl
  3. Pathan Fardeen (Bawahir) – Jawaharlal Nehru

Group 2 (High School):

  1. Patil Poonam (M S M High School) – Jhansi Ki Raani
  2. Dhandhukiya Divya (R B R C High School) – Panihaari
  3. Parmar Anjali (G C Girls High School) – Swami Vivekanand


Traffic Awareness Slogan:

  1. F D Girls High School, Jamalpur: Slogan – “Safety is not Automatic. Think.”
  2. Anjuman-e-Islam High School: Slogan – “લાલ લાઈટ આવતા થજો સ્ટોપ, નહીંતર જીવન થશે ફૂલસ્ટોપ”
  3. The New High School: Slogan – “કેન્સર તંબાકુ થી થાય, પણ ધુમાડા થી પણ કેન્સર થાય છે “